Saturday, 7 July 2012

Tips to increase revenue from advertising on my website .

                    Remember my following points to increase revenue with advertisement your web site.

1. Provide Good content to your reader
                           If your content is good than it increase your visitor and hence it increase your revenue by different aspects like if  visitor on your site is increased as a result and if you are displaying ad of CPM based or Cost per click (CPC/PPC) than it increased your revenue.

2. Don't put ad at one corner
                           Mostly  All ad network count in the way that is  total click /total appearing of ad and than multiply it with price of single click and at last you get you money amount.As many visitor visit your web site and there is not hit on ad is generated than it will directly decrease your earning. 
                           That is not only display ad on web site but put it in middle of content and all other such position like on the side of scroll bar or other decent place from where you get more hit in Cost per click (CPC/PPC) model and as a result it increased your profit.

3.Use combination of more than one ad network
                           you can use more than one ad network to increase profit by putting advertisement of different ad network providers. By my point of you the best combination is BitVertiser and Google ad Sense that both follow Cost per click (CPC/PPC) model to pay thier publisher (who put ad on their web site ) .
4.Be selfish 
                          Identify  your needs also with your visitors need that make balance to increase your revenue that is put ad at such place that you think to become an earning area for you on your web site and do no think more about anything else.

5.Increase Traffic on your site
                         For this you can take help of social site to advertisement your site and as more people is aware about your site as more hit on your site increase and as a result your revenue is increase from web site advertisement.

6. Monitor your site
                          Use available several tools to monitor your site and to identify that change in your site is needed or not . Google adsense is best  ad network that provide you your own desk board to identify such things.