Saturday, 7 July 2012

BitVertiser v/s Google adsense

What is BitVertiser ?
                                   BitVertiser is an ad network that used pay per click method to display ad on your web site.If you are advertiser(want to advertise your product) than it offer biding mechanism on the basis of your biding they performed advertising that means they display on their publisher's web site.

Reason to use as a point of view of publisher ?
                          It provides several way of displaying advertisement like Graphical ads,Pop-Under Ads,Display Ads that increases your profit.

Can Combination of google adsense and Bitvertiser is possible ?
                            yes,combination of both possible.But be careful do not put your bitveriser ad along side with google adsense.
keep distance between both ad spaces.

Different payment method used by BitVertiser to pay publisher:
                         The method are 4 way used that are --
      1. paypal($ 10 minimum)
      2. skrill/moneyBrooker($ 10 minimum)
      3. check ($ 100 minimum) 
      4. Wire($ 500 minimum)
         To Sign Up as Publisher(want to put ad on website to generate income) click following link:

        To Sign Up as Advertiser(Want to advertise their business product,etc) click following button:

What is Google adsense?
                      To know go to this link--