Saturday, 7 July 2012

Earn money with blogging site or your website

                         You can earn money by putting advertisement on your website or blogging site. There are several alternative are available from which you can select that are as follows.You can also used more than one ad network but before doing so check their compatibility with each other.
                          The different ad network are as follows:
  1.    Google adsense  
                          It is one of the best ad network.You can simply make an google adsense account that is free of charge.It is one of most trusted ad network.It pay on the basis of  pay per click.
    The minimum amount it pay is $100.There are several way available for taking payment you can choose any one of it. The ad come in may size one of them is as follows you can click on it.

                          To make an account go to following link:

  2. BitVertiser  
                                    BitVertiser is an ad network that used pay per click method to display ad on your web site.If you are advertiser(want to advertise your product) than it offer biding mechanism on the basis of your biding they performed advertising that means they display on their publisher's web site.
                                It provides several way of displaying advertisement on your website like Graphical ads,Pop-Under Ads,Display Ads that increases your profit.    
                                  BitVertiser used 4 different method for payment to you(publisher) that are as follows(you can choose on of them):
      1. paypal($ 10 minimum)
      2. skrill/moneyBrooker($ 10 minimum)
      3. check ($ 100 minimum) 
      4. Wire($ 500 minimum)
                       To Sign Up as Publisher(want to put ad on website to generate income) click following link:
Make money from your Website or Blog with BidVertiser
    3. Kontera ad Network     
                         Knotera  used in-text advertising method..That is they choose words from your website to diaplay  advertisement. Thus such things are perfromed automatically by kontera. The word that are displaying ad are dispaly in Double under lines. As visitor go on that word with thier mouse pointer the ad will display. As vistior click or visit that advertisement. It increased your revenue.
                        If  you want to used kontera then your content should be decent.  The minimum amount pay by kontera to their publisher  is  25$. if your account reach this amount they pay you by your defined payment method.In kontera you can set your limit of payment(by default it is 25$).
                       Link for kontera sign up as publisher--

     4. Chitika ad Network
                      Chitika used pay per click method to pay their publisher.for example it will display advertisement on your website and as may user click on that advertisement Chitika pay to you...
for example ad like...
                      If  you click on above advertisement it will increase count of hit in your chitika account.
                      The link for sign up as publisher on chitika is:

    5. Text Link Ad Network

                          This is one of ad network that allow you to sell your website space to display advertisement. You can sell word within your content or web site and they display text link ad like Kontera ad network (But people mostly sell ad space on their web site ). They used algorithm to identify your space price and then any advertiser can buy your ad space to display your ad and hence, your income is generated. The payment schemes are check (minimum 25$), paypal(minimum 25$), TLA Voucher.
                          The link for sign up as publisher on Text Link Ad Network  is: 
     6.Amazon Association
                          That is you can associated with and sell their different  kind product(mostly people sell Books,Mobile phones,Electronics, Computers & Accessories) and get up to 15 % of commission from selling things.
                          The link for sign up as publisher on Text Link Ad Network  is:             
           If  you like this than click here--